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[May 16, 2003@2:54 PM]
Hi, minna-san! It's been a long time (a month and a half to be exact), I'm sorry for the lack updates co'z I was working on my other site Journey Beyond, a site about Gensomaden Saiyuki. I promise I will update soon with a new layout but for now I still have to think what to kind of design I'm going to put up with for this site.=D The affiliations are now closed since I already have twelve! I don't know when I'm going to reopen it. So bye for now!

[March 13, 2003@4:54 PM]
RKEX has a new affiliate, Kenshin Heaven. Better check it out!

[February 11, 2003@11:46 PM]
Hi there! RKEX has a new affiliate, Rain of Blood. Better check it out! I will be closing the affiliations soon, when I have 12 since I already have a lot affiliates I guess twelve will be enough. I'll also be adding an Image gallery soon because a lot of people are sending me e-mails about putting up an image gallery. Well I guess this is the right time to put up one!

[February 04, 2003@10:16 PM]
*Sigh!* Love is in the air... Well hiya pips! I have a new affiliate! A very gorgeous site named Destiny's Embrace. I recommend you to visit it! =)

[January 09, 2003@03:57 AM]
Happy new year, minna-san! Rurouni Kenshin EX is back on track again with a fresh new layout (finally)! So, what do you think? Heheh! I also have a new affilate, Total Rurouni Kenshin. Go check it out it has lots of nice stuffs!

[December 17, 2002@02:10 PM]
The new layout is almost complete! All I have to do is just put on some finishing touches to it! And yes, I have a new affiliate, Tenken X a cool site devoted to Soujiro Seta. Please check it out! =)

[November 30, 2002@02:10 PM]
Hi there! The new layout is not completed yet but I would like to inform you all that I have just finished placing a tagboard to the site (finally!). You can find it in the bottom-left hand corner. So, everybody please leave your marks!

[November 18, 2002@02:10 PM]
Whoo-hoo! Happy first birthday Rurouni Kenshin EX!!! Watch out everyone for it's new layout coming soon! ^^

[October 23, 2002@02:10 PM]
Yes! RKEX has another new affiliate, Kenshin Cross Scar. A site that has lots of neat stuff and a pretty cool layout too!

[October 13, 2002@02:10 PM]
Whoo-hoo! I have two new affiliates, The Rain of Blood and Amakakeru Ryu No Hirameki. Both are really hardcore RK sites! So, feel free to visit them!^^

[October 12, 2002@02:10 PM]
Konnichiwa, I have a new affiliate!!! The name is Eclipse. It is a cool site about the OVA's Tsuioku Hen and Sesou Hen. You really want to check this out! ^^

[October 5, 2002@02:10 PM]
Hello, pips! Long time no updates! Today, I added a Guitar Tabs section to the site. As you noticed, I have a new affiliate, Thru Racoon Eyes. A lovely site dedicated to Kenshin's sweetheart, Kaoru Kamiya! You might want to check it out! And lastly, I changed my site counter from to This is because Darcounter suffered a severe system crash and was forced to shutdown and seize their services. I had no choice but to find a new one.

[June 20, 2002@02:57 PM]
Hi ya people! Sorry to keep you all waiting! It's been almost two months since this site didn't have any updates. But it's back on the track again, on a new server and a new look! So, how do you like the new layout? Yeah, Rurouni Kenshin EX in blue!^o^ But not just that, I also added new sections to this site! You better check them out! I also have a new affiliate, Kenshin Himura Shrine (whoo-hoo!). The OVA Screencaps section is temporarily unavailable co'z I still have to transfer all the screencaps from my old server to the new one since I deleted the ones in my PC. Anyway, if you have any comments to this site, you can reach me here. Bye for now!

[May 4, 2002@09:10 AM]
English translations for the RK OVA 2: Sesou Hen masterpiece coming soon!!!

[April 19, 2002@12:05 AM]
Sorry for the delayed update(*Gomennasai*)! Anyways, I just finished uploading the screencaps from the Episode Two of the Rurouni Kenshin OVA 2: Seisou Hen. You better check it out co'z there are some scenes you might find interesting! Heheheh. :)

[March 30, 2002@08:56 AM]
The screencaps for the brand new Rurouni Kenshin OVA 2: Seisou Hen masterpiece are now up and running! Whoo-hoo! ^^

[March 15, 2002@12:12 AM]
No updates this time.But I just want to brag about something(*cough*)... Just finished watching the first and second episode of Rurouni Kenshin Seisouhen and all I can say is...Damn, it was so cool! The characters are well drawn, the fight scenes are awesome! Like for example the fight between Battousai and Jin'e and also between Kenshin and Enishi! ^0^ You should really watch this OVA masterpiece! Anyway, I'll be making some screencaps out of it and add them to the OVA Screencaps section by next week! :)

[March 9, 2002@11:46 PM]
Uploaded thirty brand new ova screencaps to the site! Better check it out! ^^

[February 21, 2002@10:58 PM]
Yep, just like what I have promised you! I already uploaded the OVA Screencaps section and it is now up and running! Hope you'll like it! ^^

[February 11, 2002@10:27 AM]
First and foremost I would really like to apologize for the delayed update(Gomennasai!). So, today I added a new wallpaper to the site. And yes!!! I have discovered a new technique of the Hiten Mitsurugi Ryuu its called Notou-Jutsu, better check this out in the Hiten Mitsurugi Ryuu Section Heheh! :)Well, that's all the updates as of now...Hopefully, there will be a new section ready to be uploaded by next week! See ya! ^^

[January 22, 2002@01:15 PM]
Fixed the Mp3 Downloads section! Whoo-hoo!

[January 15, 2002@10:46 PM]
I'm very, very, very sorry to tell you guys that the Mp3 Downloads section is down right now. I have no idea what went wrong but I'm trying to fix it and hopefully it will be up and running in no time! For the meantime, better check the Midi section for some mini tunes!^^

[January 6, 2002@12:00 PM]
Submitted this site to the Anime Topsites, so please vote! Heheh! I also have an affiliate , Mitsurugi(Thanks again, Hitokiri_Battougan for agreeing with me to have our sites become affiliates!). I now also have two brand new banners! Woo-Hoo! So those of you who also owns an anime website and wants to link Rurouni Kenshin EX better check the bannner section. Let see...,What else...Ah yes, I added a new link also. Well that's about it. Bye for now! And please don't forget to sign my guestbook before you leave!^^